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How to Play Jabroney Virus:

You are the last computer repair man on earth.

  1. If your device doesn't support JavaScript, this won't work at all. You probably know that by now if you're reading this.
  2. Use [arrow keys] (player1), [W-A-S-D] (player2), or [I-J-K-L] (player3) keys to move
  3. Collect Bad Files, Trojan Horses, and Memory Leaks to quell the infection of the Jabroney Virus
  4. Quarantine the bad stuff by bringing it to the trash can
  5. Don't let the virus get you
  6. If you lose your nerves, you lose. Be careful when you're on your last nerve.
  7. Clear up the virus before the customer cries too hard and dies.
  8. Be Careful. The Virus learns as it grows!

This project was part of the much larger project (Becoming a Front-End Developer as a 40 year old). Please check out that other project if you're interested.