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Guild Charter


The Knights of Balmoral {KoB} are a multi-gaming guild that started in Guild Wars (The Original Game) circa 2005.


We are dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of gaming by embracing those elements of story, events, and personal achievment that create a more convincing and fulfilling experience. We are constantly looking for new members that are mature, friendly, courteous, and able to express themselves in a creative manner.


  1. The number one rule is to have fun. This is a game and it is meant to be fun. If you are not having fun, then it might be time to move on.
  2. We are looking for mature players only. Immature players need not apply.
  3. Representation is not a requirement - but you will not be promoted unless you consistently represent and contribute to the guild. If active member base reaches a critical maximum then non-representing members will be kicked to make room for loyal members.
  4. The use of voice communication is strongly encouraged. While it is not a requirement, it greatly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of gameplay in a guild/party atmosphere.
  5. Please use discretion with your language. We highly suggest using your best judgement on the time and place you swear. Guild chat is not the place for it. The same goes for crude and inappropriate subject matter in the community chat areas (to include map chat). Representing the Knights means you are elite! It means you have a higher standard! Violators of this code will be removed from the guild if deemed appropriate by the Officers. This is non-negotiable.
  6. Get involved and have fun! A guild is only as good as its participation. If even one single person chooses to contribute more, the guild benefits tremendously. Thank you to those who choose to do so. You are the reason we are still around!
  7. We do not like drama. Games are for fun and should be approached as such. Personal beliefs, opinions, and biases can certainly be discussed as adults - but they will not be grounds for dismissal or exclusion of people or groups of people.We don't care if you are a Democrat, a Republican, or a Forest Gnome and you are welcome to categorize yourself however you please. You are welcome to express yourself as an adult and check over-sensitivity at the door. Zealots need not apply. There is enough of that in the real world. Don't spoil the game world too.


Rank 1a: Page (Recruit)
This is the recruit rank. New members will be at this rank until they represent the guild. This separates legitimate members from those who simply accepted an invite but never plan on representing.
Perks: This rank is not granted access to any guild resources.
Promotion to next rank: New recruits will stay at the Page rank for two weeks, at the end of which, if no Guild officer objects, will be promoted to Squire.
Rank 1b: Guild Alliance
This rank denotes members of other guilds who represent only for guild missions. These are often members of other guilds whom KoB frequently partners with for missions and dungeons.
Perks: This rank is not granted access to any guild resources.
Rank 2: Squire
Squires have been in the guild for at least two weeks (see notes under Page) and are currently representing the guild. They have been welcomed to the guild and are aware of its resources.
Perks: This rank can deposit items and gold into the Treasure Trove. They are not permitted to withdraw anything.
Promotion to next rank: Promotion to Knight requires the recommendation of a KoB Officer and a forum membership (active use of the forum is not required but highly encouraged).
Rank 3: Knight
This is the rank of the core membership of the guild. Those who regularly represent the guild and have consistently abided by the Rules of Conduct (Stated Above) and have registered on the forum will be promoted to this rank. Knights are the true loyal members of the guild who wish to play, have fun, and represent the Knights of Balmoral.
Perks: This rank is permitted to display the guild emblem and deposit/withdraw items from the Treasure Trove.
Promotion to next rank: Promotion to Warlord requires the recommendation of an officer and 2/3rds approval of all officers (voted on monthly).
Rank 4a: Warlord (Officers)
Warlords and above are considered Officers. Warlords are veteran members. They have consistently represented the Guild, are helpful to others, and participate in conversations at the guild hall. They also spread word of upcoming events and news within the guild. Warlords must represent the guild and login to the guild hall at least once a week to note news and upcoming events. Warlords are also knowledgeable and well versed in various aspects of the game.
Perks: This rank is permitted to Claim / Unclaim WvW Forts & Activate Built Upgrades.
Promotion to next rank: Requires recommendation of a senior officer or founder and unanimous approval of all senior officers and founders (voted on monthly).
Rank 4b: Guild Positions (Officers)
Treasurers require the rank of Warlord. They manage and track the Guild Stash and the Treasure Trove. They are the only members authorized to organize items in the Guild Bank and are considered administrative staff.
Number of Treasurers currently needed: 1
Recruiters require the rank of Warlord. They actively recruit new members to the guild and provide help and assistance to newcomers (Pages and Squires).
Number of Recruiters currently needed: 2
Rank 5: Commander (Senior Officers)
Commanders are second in command. They operate all aspects of the guild in the absence of a Duke. They administer lower ranks, upgrades, and keep the overall order. They are considered Senior Officers. As such, they always represent, are always helpful, and distribute information for the guild. They also welcome new members and inform them of the basic setup of the guild and its resources.
Perks: This rank has the permission Queue new upgrades and activate guild missions.
Rank 6: Duke (Founders)
Dukes have been with the Knights of Balmoral for a number of years across multiple games. They are an enigmatic, benevolent group who represent the longest standing membership of the guild. And yes, they all played the original Guild Wars.